3rd Grade Area and Perimeter Mystery Pictures Coloring Worksheets Bundle. This is a bundle of our area and perimeter mystery picture packets for 3rd grade. Perimeter Mystery Pictures Area Mystery Pictures These are no-prep coloring worksheets -- just print and you're ready to go! To use, let your kids answer the area and perimeter problems. These worksheets include basic shapes with squares drawn in, rectangles which requires students to multiply the length by the width, circles that require the use of Pi, and other shapes that need a formula to solve the area of the shape. Perimeter worksheets are also included to calculate the perimeter of a shape using the lengths of all its sides.

6) Find the perimeter and area of the rectangle. 7) Find the perimeter and area of the square. 8) Find the area of a triangle with base = 10 ft and height = 30 ft. Draw a sketch of this triangle. 9) Find the area and circumference of a circle with radius = 5 in. Draw a sketch of this circle. 1