The first sheet is for experienced players. I really liked the aesthetics of the official sheets (they're super nice!), but I often ran out of room where I needed it, and found myself keeping track of things in the margins. The purpose of this redesign is to use more space on the page. If you're ... Dungeons And Dragons Character Sheet Editable, Printable, Fillable PDF - D&D 5 Edition This might be from a needy role playing game, but think about how useful this might be! Especially when writing a fantasy novel character sheets See more

One small problem is the AD&D 1E sheet does not have a "Preview image" or a Description. But it is an available selection in the drop-down menu where the DM chooses the character sheet under the Campaign Settings. Because of no Preview image, it doesn't pop up quite as "obvious" as all the other sheets on the list, so that is a curious omission. PrismScroll is the last Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet Builder you’ll ever need to download! Beautifully designed for your mobile devices, PrismScroll offers the most powerful combination between clean aesthetic and impressive functionality. Manage all your Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition characters in one place. Feedback.