Mar 18, 2008 · It was intended to be a backer board in areas where there's a lot of moisture or humidity. Over time though, it's been discovered that waterproof sheetrock will eventually fail in 3 to 8 years, so contractors are using wonder board instead. Waterproof sheetrock is also called green board, water proof green rock and several other names. I'm about to go buy drywall for the bathroom I'm adding in my basement. I had always planned about buying all green board but I figured I would see what the internet thought about it first. From my many searches, I'm seeing many different opinions and even many different quotes from the 'code'. The difference is that drywall is made of gypsum covered with paper, and cement board is made of a combination of cement and reinforcing fibers. This means that unlike materials like drywall, plywood, or green board, there is no organic matter in cement board. Unlike drywall, cement board has no gypsum, asbestos, or formaldehyde.

Green-board drywall is water-resistant, not waterproof. It gets its name from the telltale color of the paper facing on the front and back. The core of the green board drywall is a thicker and more resilient version of the drywall's gypsum core, which allows it to withstand indirect moisture applications, such as the humidity in a bathroom or near a laundry room. Green board is fine and I see it in every new home I go to, and many existing homes I go to (that have severe moisture problems). I have been spec'ing, and just installed in my own home, regular, run of the mill paper faced drywall.