Multiply all of the subscripts in the empirical formula by this ratio to get the subscripts for the molecular formula. Empirical Formula Example Calculation A compound is analyzed and calculated to consist of 13.5 g Ca, 10.8 g O, and 0.675 g H. Find the empirical formula of the compound. ADVANCED PLACEMENT PHYSICS 1 EQUATIONS, EFFECTIVE 2015 CONSTANTS AND CONVERSION FACTORS Proton mass, 1.67 10 kg 27 m p =¥-Neutron mass, 1.67 10 kg

Apr 08, 2015 · This is a set of notes I have created for my Year 9 - 11 pupils. It is particularly helpful for the pupils who struggle to take notes in the class and for revision. I have also created a formula list for them to learn. Alpha Decay: Atomic Interactions: Balancing Act: Balloons & Buoyancy: Balloons and Static Electricity: Band Structure: Battery-Resistor Circuit: Battery Voltage