HealthyWomen is the nation’s leading independent, nonprofit health information source for women. Our mission is to educate women age 35+ so that they can make informed health choices for themselves and for their families. Lists NIMH Publications about Women’s Mental Health. This brochure discusses five things about depression in women, the types of depression unique to women and how to find help.

improve young women’s wellbeing. Health professionals, parents and schools all have a role to play in challenging and changing the gender norms and expectations that limit and disadvantage young women. This fact sheet is drawn from Growing Up Unequal, an issues paper of Women’s Health Victoria (2017). For more information, including Migraine pain and symptoms affect 29.5 million Americans. About three out of four people who have migraines are women. Migraine is the most common form of disabling headache that sends patients to see their doctors. What is migraine? Migraine is a medical condition. Most people who suffer from migraines get headaches that can be quite severe.