l HPPE-322, HomePNA 3.0 Ethernet Bridge l HCUA-321, HomePNA3.0 Coax USB Adapter l HCPE-322, HomePNA3.0 Coax Ethernet Bridge l SPECIFICATIONS Ø Network Standards l HomePNA V3.0 over Coaxial Cable (HCNA) l IEEE802.3 l IEEE802.3u l IEEE802.3x Ø Connectors l Ethernet : Two RJ-45 Connectors l HCNA: Two F-Type Female Coax Connectors, Page 1 Model # HCB1000 networking, delivers yet another technological breakthrough with its newest innovation: the Ethernet to Coax HPNA Adapter (HCB1000). The HCB1000 is designed to connect between two distinct and discrete networking types: standard (and ubitquitous) 10/100BaseT Ethernet, and coax cabling, the new and emerging method to pipe multimedia into today’s homes and offices. Two custom chips designed using the HPNA specifications were developed by Broadcom and make up the core of the HomePNA card's architecture: The small 4100 chip on the left acts as a transceiver between the larger chip and the signal being received over the phone line from another computer.

Data Sheet Page 1 of 3 Cisco DDR2200 Residential Gateway The Cisco DDR2200 residential gateway is optimized to deliver high-speed Internet, quality video content and VoIP to subscribers in an integrated, “no-new wires” complete home networking solution. The DDR2200 was built to satisfy the most demanding service – video. Using our