Base Sheet Black Diamond® Base Sheet Flintlastic GTA-FR (CoolStar)3 20 Years Double layer, second layer adhered. Black Diamond Base Sheet Flintlastic GTA-FR (CoolStar) – 25 Years5 APP-I-2-T Double layer, second layer adhered. Flintlastic Ultra Glass SA – Flintlastic GTA-FR (CoolStar)3 or Flintlastic STA Plus with FlintCoat8 25 Years6 APP-I ... Apply base sheet in such a manner to provide and maintain a minimum 6" offset between side and end laps of base ply and FLINTLASTIC interply layers or finishing membrane. If specified, apply Flintlastic STA or STA Plus as an interply layer. Finally, install one ply of FLINTLASTIC GTA COOLSTAR lapping 31/4" on sides and 6" on ends with end laps

Description OMG CR Base Sheet Fastener is a one-piece fastener (1.7") assembled with a 2.75" diameter Galvalume plate designed to secure base sheets to poured lightweight concrete or certain gypsum roof decks. Engineered to secure base sheets to NVS lightweight insulating concrete. Zono-tite Fasteners: Formed from one piece of specially coated galvanized steel. Properly installed, Zono-tite Fasteners provide wind uplift resistance to meet Factory Mutual and Underwriters Laboratories requirements.