Following the commencement of the Land Transfer Act 2017 most instruments became e-capable. Some instruments require a certification from the practitioner submitting them (such as court orders) but do not require an authority and instruction form from a client. REAL PROPERTY ACT 1900 - As at 25 February 2019 - Act 25 of 1900 TABLE OF PROVISIONS Long Title PART 1A - PRELIMINARY 1. Name of Act 2. Repeal of Acts 3. Definitions 3A. Application of Act to electronic form plans and other documents 3B. Arrangements for payment of fees PART 1 - ADMINISTRATION 4. Administration of Act 4A.

Apr 30, 2008 · Titling of public lands For purposes of legal research of foreign readers visiting this blog, on the subject of the legal system involving the titling of public lands in the Philippines, may I share some basic readings thereon as published in the website of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources ( Butchulla people’s land between Rainbow Beach and Burrum Heads recognised. An ancient connection to almost 100,000 hectares of land and waters around the Fraser Coast has been recognised after a special Federal Court determination was handed down today. Rights-of-Way. Each year, thousands of people and companies apply to the BLM to obtain a right-of-way (ROW) grant on public land. A ROW grant is an authorization to use a specific piece of public land for a specific project, such as electric transmission lines, communication sites, roads, trails, fiber optic lines